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Extensive team of highly experienced aircraft engineers

Why cloudcards technical services?

Challenges in aviation are becoming more complex and driven by regulatory changes and evolving technology. The globally fragmented regulation of the aviation and financial sectors have resulted in increased oversight by aircraft owners and lessors when managing an asset.

cloudcards brings over 35 years aviation experience, ensuring our teams have a detailed understanding of your technical requirements.

What technical services do cloudcards provide?

Cloudcards offers a comprehensive range of technical management of commercial aircraft on behalf of lessors and
airlines. In addition we have in-depth knowledge of airworthiness regulations as we continuously provide oversight on
the managed aircraft to our customers.

We offer the following technical services:

  • Pre-purchase inspections.
  • Annual inspections.
  • Audit and inspection of aircraft records.
  • Digitise, scan and index legacy aircraft records.
  • Aircraft delivery, redelivery management process.
  • Aircraft asset management.
  • Aircraft CAMO support.

We have an extensive team of highly experienced aircraft engineers

Aircraft pre–purchase inspections and annual inspections

cloudcards provide a complete and comprehensive review of the aircraft physical condition and a detailed evaluation of the aircraft records highlighting any potential risks for the buyer, enabling the buyer to make informed decisions. An annual inspection is required to ensure the owner or lessor has continued oversight of their aircraft and records. This needs to be performed in a timely manner and required recent records without affecting the operator’s schedule. On completion of the inspection, a written report as well as photographs, operator maintenance status reports and compiled records are uploaded to the cloud document management archive for lessor review and acceptance. The lessor can then opt to share the findings with the operator using our cloud document management to communicate these findings; leveraging the benefits of the annual inspection oversight process. Annual inspections adhere to the our checklist, but can also be done to your checklist and requirements.

Our aircraft and engine records management process

We will undertake an audit of all aircraft records and documentation for compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations, proof of maintenance and status compliance, EG AD Status. Our team of technical services engineers work with your technical team to harvest, review and validate digital indexing of your legacy technical records.

  • Scan completed legacy records into our cloud document management application systems.
  • Review the maintenance schedule checks and work packs to ensure compliance with owner/customer lease and aviation authority requirements.
  • Enable data driven asset decision making from detailed aircraft and records status reports; maintenance and cost reviews.
  • Prepare reports detailing aircraft and record status as required.

Our aircraft delivery and redelivery management process

cloudcards provides a comprehensive managed service for owners and operators to manage the entire delivery/ redelivery of an aircraft end to end. The proof of good technical management is clearly visible in the aircraft delivery or redelivery process.

  • Our experience and detailed understanding of aircraft leases is invaluable particularly from a technical perspective as well as airworthiness regulations pertaining to the aircraft’s jurisdiction.
  • Inspections to comply with mid lease return conditions.
  • Report on non compliance issues, defects and we continuously provide oversight on the aircraft for owners and lessors.
  • Co-ordination and management of the redelivery process.
  • Our team of engineers around the world, have built up a substantial knowledge base, helping us prepare for the aircraft transition and allows us to deal with the issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

Aircraft asset management

The cloud asset management solution manages any and all lease obligations for lessor or owner including but not
limited to:

  • Monitoring and recording aircraft flight hours and flight cycles utilisation for calculating and monitoring maintenance reserves.
  • Managing eligible claims from maintenance reserves accounts.
  • Oversight on airframe/engine/APU or landing gear maintenance visits.
  • Performing annual inspections.
  • Proving oversight in the event of an incident or accident.
  • Chairing lease extension or aircraft redelivery meetings.
  • Optimising returns on transactions and managing deposit accounts for lease rentals and maintenance reserves paid by lessee
  • Other responsibilities include advising customers on end of lease as well as end of life solutions for aircraft and engines. Aircraft CAMO support As part of a wider managed services project, cloudcards provides Continued Aircraft Maintenance Organization (CAMO) support through partnered aircraft engineering companies.



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