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Our products provide unrivalled capability and simplicity for lessors to manage, store and search their aircraft data

What is cloud document management?

The cloud document management system is the latest addition to the cloudcards suite of software services that caters for the needs of a modern leasing company and airline. Based on the best elements of our CARDS® software, cloud document management allows you to build all technical and other regulatory data in one secure location.

Designed for the aviation industry, it has the latest in intelligent storage and search functionality. It has been built on enterprise-grade infrastructure using a number of providers including Salesforce’s SaaS Platform, and Amazon web services.

Most importantly, it’s the only product on the market that digitalises the entire aircraft transition process.

Key benefits of cloud document management

This software is the only one of its kind on the market, built and designed by aviation experts with the unique needs of the aviation market in mind.

There are a number of key benefits with the system including:

  • Electronic filing and indexing of aircraft records.
  • Standardise your approach to data storage, search, management and retrieval
  • Improve business processes by capturing aircraft images & data and transforming them into organised and searchable data.
  • Improve audit quality and regulatory compliance in data management, including GDPR.
  • Allow authorised users to export data in the original format.
  • Efficiently upload the scanned document using a user friendly interface.
  • Use a securely hosted cloud based system that allows authorised employees to access critical records 24/7 from any location and any device.
  • Search dynamically by aircraft, engine or sub-component records.
  • Multi level, multi role permissions allowing for restricted views and access depending on your roles.
  • Upload all physical inspection documentation e.g. photographs, videos of findings or simple type text that can be sent or shared with interested parties.
  • Provide back to birth traceability, maximising aircraft value and accelerating the aircraft transition process.
  • Mitigate potential loss and damage of physical records by having a digital copy.
  • Control all aspects of the aircraft records archiving from its delivery into the airline until re-delivery.

Flexible and easy to use

The cloud document management system has a fully customisable document folder structure with a full suite of tools to standardize reporting. It also has a range of features that can drive efficiency which including search functions, drag and drop file and folder uploads, archiving system organised by industry standard delivery book format or record type, upload progress status for uploaded documents, along with many more.

Access enhanced search functionality

Our products provide unrivalled capability and simplicity for lessors to manage, store and search their aircraft data. Features include: Permission-based functionality, logging of all file progress activity and a consistent folder structure to ensure files and folders are tagged with indexing metadata to enable automated indexation using filename and content.

Key product security specifications

The cloud document management software requires a unique user ID and password for access using an email address and a minimum 8-character mixed password with self-service reset.

In addition, we can provide pre-built single session access with multi-user editing on data with logging. The system administrators have a two-stage authentication via message to access back-end including email verification. cloud document management sit within our CARDS® technology, which is built on enterprise-grade infrastructure using providers such as Salesfore’s SaaS platform, and powered by Amazon Web services and all the security features that come with these leading players.

Our aircraft and engine records management process: On Request we can undertake an audit of all aircraft records and documentation for compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations, proof of maintenance and status compliance, EG AD Status. Our team of technical services engineers work with your technical team to harvest, review and validate digital indexing of your legacy technical records.


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