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cloud aircraft transitions, powered by CARDS® technology

What is cloud aircraft transitions?

cloud aircraft transitions, powered by CARDS® technology allows lessors to transition or sell aircraft with back to birth traceability of all technical aircraft records to maximise the resale value of an aircraft.

The platform is designed to fully project manage the technical review, aircraft physical and records audit. It is proven to boost efficiencies resulting in significant savings in both cost and time.

Based on lessor data, following the use of the cloud aircraft transition system your organisation can save €40,000 per annum per aircraft, based on the use of transition services v’s traditional methods.

A permission based system that gives real time data to all project members world wide. The system has seen widespread adoption in the industry and been successfully deployed with over 300 transition projects and has over 3,500 aircraft engineers and technicians trained on the software.

Avoid prohibitive redelivery penalties

cloud aircraft transitions offers airlines and lessors the visibility and control to manage redelivery projects successfully, significantly reducing the risk of penalties, whilst driving efficiencies and profitability.

The system allows consolidation of all information into one repository, including work plans, issues and technical documents. Through the aircraft transitions system, you will have the ability to manage and track work and project status, with real time communication between all parties.

The cloud aircraft transitions system allows the merging of new records generated through transition with historical technical records and as a result it will eliminate excel and excessive emails avoiding duplication and conflict. The use of photos and videos uploaded in real time, that give clear insight and read feedback to users.

Enables greater collaboration

During the redelivery process, we understand how critical it is to eliminate delays in the transfer of time sensitive project information. The cloud aircraft transitions application enables team members from all parties – airline, lessor, CAMO and other airlines – to collaborate and communicate easily to review and finish project work.

With complete visibility to assigned tasks, issues, and deliverables, internal and external team members can work together efficiently and securely to make more effective decisions and deliver superior results.

In addition, each team member has real-time access to information for answers to critical project-based questions. Immediate project visibility for better risk mitigation cloud aircraft transitions provides all stakeholders including senior management with up-to-date and immediate status visibility of each redelivery project and provides real time data to implement the necessary actions to mitigate any risks.

To enable easy implementation this software has been built on enterprise-grade infrastructure using providers such as Salesforce’s SaaS Platform, and Amazon web services.

Highly intuitive and user-friendly

The cloudcards application is designed to be a highly intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for easy adoption across users from lessors and airlines.

We provide excellent, web-based training as part of a license to get your engineers up to speed which can be done remotely via Webex. This is the only platform that allows physical inspections to be carried out using a tablet in remote locations off-line and physical reports/pictures will sync to the platform once an internet connection has been reestablished.

cloudcards offers great oversight to a redelivery/delivery project by keeping all information about the project live and up-to-date in one place accessible by all permitted parties cutting down on the vast amount of emails associated with such a project.



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