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User experience is at the heart of the cloud asset management system

What is the cloud asset management system?

As the most modern and up to date system in the market, the cloud asset management system is designed by a team of industry experts from the leasing industry, airline and technical service fields as well as a team of IT development and security experts.

Built on Microsoft Azure, the software system is the only solution designed for airlines and aircraft lessors. Built on 14 different modules, the cloud asset management software is both a strong financial management system, along with legal, technical and commercial modules.

What does the cloud asset management system do?

A unique system, it enables aircraft leasing companies and airlines to manage the day to-day lease and asset management processes easily by capturing all data for the aircraft from birth to tear down. The key features allow you to capture multiple pieces of data and information on the asset and lease and use the data to control and forecast costs and general financial information to make key decisions. Key benefits of cloud asset management:

  • Simple self administration with multi level access.
  • Load an aircraft in less than 2 hours.
  • Easy Upload – Drag and Drop files into our system and add Data with our csv uploader tool.
  • Agile and customised reporting.
  • Integrate into multiple accountancy packages.
  • Automate complex processes.
  • Allows secure 3rd party access.

User experience

User experience is at the heart of the cloud asset management system. The majority of lessors and airlines report that legacy asset management systems on the market are cumbersome to use, leading to poor adoption within their organisation and a weak return on investment.

Using an intuitive and modern design, all the modules on the cloud asset management system are accessible based on a flexible and easy to manage permissions system.

User experience features include:

  • A configurable user interface
  • Internal control of user access and user rights
  • Access is limited to modules based on roles
  • Powerful search capability

You have the power to make more informed decisions

The cloud asset management system has a powerful reporting module which provides a single view to drive alignment across different departments. All the key data points are available to users while the reports are configurable and adaptable based on your specific needs, which include:

  • Full lease details.
  • Detailed maintenance reserve fund analysis
  • Lease budget forecasting e.g. project figures
  • Notification management (i.e. opt-in/opt-out)
  • Critical notifications specific to employee roles
  • Export feature across all modules
  • Ease of integration with many accounting systems e.g. SAP, SAGE, SUN etc.
  • Multiple technical specification reports.
  • Rental Schedule reporting.

All your essential asset details in one place

  • All basic asset details such as MSN, make, model, engine details.
  • Detail of asset ownership hierarchy and current asset status.
  • Asset portfolio status.
  • Key asset financial data including maintenance reserve asset valuation and insurance data.
  • Key asset technical data including delivery and redelivery dates.

All your key lease data in one place

  • Lease type, floating, fixed or mixed.
  • Lease libor rates.
  • Key lease dates.
  • Lessee details including sub lessee status.
  • Key financial data including Cash Reserves, MR fund balance details etc.
  • Operating details including environment, region of operation, delivery and redelivery dates and lease operator details.

Asset information security and safeguarding

The cloudcards asset management system is built on Microsoft Azure and come with best in class affiliated security standards and protocols. Microsoft invests over a billion dollars every year into security to ensure your data and business assets are protected. In addition, they have over 3,500 cybersecurity experts to ensure data is secure. Using Microsoft Azure ensures that your commercially sensitive asset and lease data is only accessible by relevant personnel. It will also provide an audit trail of all data modifications within the system to ensure full traceability.

Reduce business risk through effective maintenance reserve fund management

cloudcards provides the most comprehensive maintenance reserve fund management application on the market. It allows lessors to de-risk their investment and maximise the aircraft lifetime value. The features it offers are extensive and comprehensive including, recording of monthly utilisation figures, details of maintenance events, generation of maintenance reserve balance statements for each subsystem, maintenance reserve life cycle analysis and many more benefits.

Alignment across teams and departments

The cloud asset management system allows a single view of the asset across multiple departments within your organisations.

Across your treasury team, it allows the transfer of maintenance reserve balances from one asset account to another asset or asset account. It will allow your team the ability to apply a range of interest options on unpaid invoices, maintenance reserve balances and security deposits. The system allows the generation of various financial reports e.g. receivables report, cash received report cater for multiple currencies when capturing data and generating reports e.g. USD, GBP. The full and mini technical specification gives powerful reporting capabilities to your sales and marketing teams with full technical details at both aircraft and engine levels. On the road reporting available on a mobile device for tech specs and lease summary.

To ensure effective usage and widespread adoption of the cloud asset management system we offer a comprehensive training programme to ensure your teams have the required level of knowledge and skills to optimise their usage. The training can be delivered on-site and is supplemented by a user training manual and additional learning materials.



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