The most comprehensive and complete asset management software solution in the aviation market
Driving seamless transition of aircraft between leases
Digitise and store all technical and regulatory data in one secure location

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Cloudcards Aviation Management Software was developed for airline and aircraft lessors. Aviation is at the heart of everything we do. All our cutting edge products and services are designed and built by aviation experts to provide simple solutions to some of the biggest operational challenges facing the aviation industry. With over 35 years experience in aviation and design, cloudcards was founded to ensure aircraft leasing companies and airlines have access to systems that are built to industry best practice standards and use the best available technology.


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Having experience with many legacy systems and having produced proprietary systems in the past I felt that the new cloudcards systems were at the leading edge of the industry.While some legacy systems are putting in great efforts to catch up, we wanted to ride the wave of the future with a system that will allow us to be the best asset managers.

CMIG Aviation Capital
Mr. Gregory Cumming
Chief Technical Officer

Call our Sales Team to Discuss

+353 1 2548026