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Cloudcards provide a managed service for Aircraft Leasing Companies to complete inspections at a fleet or portfolio level

  • Our managed service  delivers significant time savings for yourself and other team members, to focus on additional priorities
  • In terms of economies of scale, we can deliver enhanced value rather than managing through a myriad of different providers 
  • Importantly having the peace of mind to ensure that there is a  consistency in approach & output 
  • One central resource,  with a strong customer ethos,  to primarily manage the liaison with your customers 
  • We will appoint local engineers with strong relationships with the airlines
  • We will appoint engineers who will remember the airlines are your customers, and will represent you with high standards of customer service. 

Our teams have completed thousands of inspections across all types of Aircraft and we specialise in completing Pre-purchase & Mid Lease inspections on behalf of Leasing Companies.

We have hundreds of years of experience within our team of consultants in completing physical inspections of aircraft. As part of our aircraft appraisal, we will :

  • Complete a thorough inspection of the exterior & interior in its entirety
  • Compliance with maintenance records, interior condition
  • Complete a detailed review of the aircraft exterior condition, photographic evidence . We will also undertake a detailed comparison of aircraft and records to lessors marketing specification, and delivery conditions to ensure adherence ,  supported by the completion of an inspection report detailing all associated risks. 
  • Detailed inspection of all repairs, dents and damages to ensure accurate and correct recording on the damages chart/repair file.
  • Liaise with the records team to ensure paperwork reflects physical condition
  • Sample inspection of installed components to ensure status listing is correct
  • Ensuring all discrepancies are raised appropriately and promptly and adequately closed by the lessor

On completion of the inspection, a written report as well as photographs, operator maintenance status reports and compiled records are uploaded to the cloud document management archive to review and accept. Aircraft inspections adhere to our audit  checklist, but can also be done to the Lessor standard checklist and templates.


Our aircraft and engine records management process 

We will undertake an audit of all aircraft records and documentation for compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations, proof of maintenance and status compliance, EG AD Status. Our team of technical services engineers work with your technical team to harvest, review and validate digital indexing of your legacy technical records.

  • Complete a detailed review of the aircraft records to ensure adherence to airworthiness requirements and to the delivery conditions as agreed between the airline and Lessor
  • Scan completed legacy records into our cloud document management application systems & provide records to a delivery standard acceptable to the airline 
  • Provide an engine expert to review engine condition trend monitoring, borescope results and any previous engine shop visits to ensure adequate on-wing time for airline
  • Survey of landing gear and this records ensuring full BTB traceability.
  • Ensuring all discrepancies are raised appropriately and promptly and adequately closed.
  • Provide an structures expert to review Dent & Buckle Charts and repair file to ensure all records are correct meet OEM and regulatory requirements
  • Review of all final listings issued by previous operator, raise discrepancies and ensure correct actions to rectify.

Our aircraft delivery and redelivery management process 

Cloudcards provides a comprehensive managed service to Leasing companies to manage the entire delivery/redelivery of an aircraft end to end. The proof of good technical management is clearly visible in the aircraft delivery or redelivery process.  Our experience and detailed understanding of aircraft leases is invaluable particularly from a technical perspective as well as airworthiness regulations pertaining to the aircraft’s jurisdiction.

Provide our team of highly qualified consultants to manage the delivery process of the aircraft

  • Perform a review of contractual technical requirements.
  • Provide personnel to review records and physical inspections as required
  • Appraisal and conferring with the Lessor stakeholders throughout the duration of the project
  • To provide personnel on site at aircraft location throughout the delivery check supporting the Aer Lingus on site representative until the delivery of the aircraft
  • Assisting and advising stakeholders within the Lessor  or leading any required negotiation during the project
  • Ensuring all discrepancies are raised appropriately and promptly and adequately closed by the lessor 
  • Scan of entire historic records (delivery bible) on completion of delivery onto our CARDS® cloud software platform or the platform of choice. 

Our team of engineers around the world have built up a substantial knowledge base, helping us prepare for the aircraft    transition and allows us to deal with the issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Aircraft asset management 

cloudcards have extensive experience in aircraft asset management , and the portfolio of services can be customised to each individual airline. The cloud asset management solution manages any and all lease obligations for lessor or owner including but not limited to:

  • Monitoring and recording aircraft flight hours and flight cycles utilisation for calculating and monitoring maintenance reserves. 
  • Managing eligible claims from maintenance reserves accounts. 
  • Oversight on airframe/engine/APU or landing gear maintenance visits. 
  • Performing annual inspections. 
  • Proving oversight in the event of an incident or accident. 
  • Chairing lease extension or aircraft redelivery meetings. 
  •  Optimising returns on transactions and managing deposit accounts for lease rentals and maintenance  reserves paid by lessee 
  •  Other services include advising customers on end of lease as well as end of life solutions for aircraft and engines.
  •  As part of a wider managed services project, cloudcards provides Continued Aircraft Maintenance Organization (CAMO) support through partnered aircraft engineering companies.Working with all parties involved, we can seamlessly manage airworthiness requirements and aircraft transitions to ensure 100% compliance .